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Tramline is a release coordination and deployment platform, designed especially for mobile app teams.

  • It reduces the manual effort involved in running release cycles for app.
  • It improves visibility into the release process, even for non-technical stakeholders.
  • It reduces context switching by supporting iOS and Android apps from a single place.
  • It increases confidence in releases by letting teams codify their release policy in a release train.
  • It saves time for teams by automating tasks โ€” big and small โ€” across the release process.
  • It adds auditability to releases by centralizing sign-offs and approvals.

Head to our website to read more about the larger context of mobile release engineering and why we're building Tramline.

Tramline gives you a central dashboard for the mobile DevOps process: it brings together build servers and distribution channels and notifications and approvals in one single place. It goes beyond app releases by including release analytics, build storage, post-release monitoring, and more.

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Tramline is open source under the Apache License! Read our guide on getting started with self-hosting.