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๐ŸŒณ Branching Strategies

We support 3 types of branching strategies when setting up a release train.


Tramline creates release branches and appropriate pull requests automatically across all branching strategies.

Almost Trunkโ€‹

Almost Trunk is the simplest strategy and the one that we generally recommend.

For every release, we create a new release branch from the HEAD of the working branch. Release-specific fixes should not be committed to the release branch directly. Instead, you should land the fixes on your working branch, and then cherry-pick them on to the release branch.

Release with Backmergeโ€‹

Release with Backmerge creates a new release branch from the HEAD of the working branch, for every release. Once the release is finalized, two things happen:

  1. The release branch is merged into the backmerge (production) branch
  2. The backmerge branch is "backmerged" into the working branch

Parallel Working and Release Branchโ€‹

Parallel Working and Release does not create a new release branch for every release. Instead, at the start of a release, the working branch is merged into the release branch. Release-specific fixes land on the release branch directly. At the end of the release, the release branch is merged back into the working branch.