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Google Play Console

Navigate to the integrations page for your app and select Google Play Store under the Distributions section on the page.

Tramline uses the official Play Developer API to connect to your Play Store account. For the integration to work, you'll need to create and upload a JSON key file to Tramline.


We understand that this integration can get cumbersome so talk to us if you get confused at any step.

The full setup involves the following steps:

  1. Linking your Play Console developer account to a new (or existing) Google Cloud project
  2. Enabling the Play Developer API in the linked Google Cloud project
  3. Create a service account for Tramline in the linked Google Cloud project
  4. Complete the service account setup in the Play Console
  5. Upload service account JSON key to Tramline

Initial setup in Google Play Consoleโ€‹


These steps can only be done by the owner of the Play Console account. If you're not the owner, you will not be able to proceed.

Create a linked Google Cloud projectโ€‹

  • Login as the owner of the developer account in Play Console.
  • In the left sidebar, click on Setup and then click API access.
  • On the API access page, you'll see multiple sections like Google Cloud project, APIs, Credentials, etc.
  • If your account does not have a linked Google Cloud project, click Create new project, which will automatically create a new project and link it to your Play Developer account.

Enable Google Play Developer APIsโ€‹

Scroll to the APIs section and turn on the Google Play Android Developer API and the Google Play Developer Reporting API. Once you've enabled the APIs, it will look something like this:

Next, scroll to the Credentials section and click the Learn how to create service accounts link which will open a dialog box. Click on the Google Cloud Platform link, which will conveniently open the service accounts page in the linked Google Cloud project.

Continue setup in Google Cloud Consoleโ€‹

  • Click on the Create Service Account button on the top of the page.
  • Give the service account an appropriate name, for e.g. "API access for Tramline".
  • In the Grant this service account access to the project section, you must grant the "Service Account User" role to this service account. The list of roles is quite long so use the filter to find the right role, if you must.
  • Ignore the Grant users access to this service account section and click Done to save the service account, which will bring you back to the list of service accounts.
  • In the list, find the service account you've just created and open it.
  • Click on Keys in the top of the screen and then click Add Key to create a new key.
  • In the key type selection dialog, pick JSON which will create and download a JSON key file.

Finish setup in Google Play Consoleโ€‹

  • Once you've downloaded the JSON key, close the Google Cloud Console window and go back to the Play Console API Access page.
  • Click Done to dismiss the service accounts dialog.
  • Your newly created service account should now show up in the list in the Play Console.
  • Click on Manage Play Console permissions for this service account in the list, which will open the Invite user page for this service account user.
  • Without changing any permissions, simply scroll to bottom of the page and click Invite user.
  • Doing this will bring up a confirmation dialog to send an invitation. This will "invite" and add the service account user to your Play Console account. You will receive no email.

Upload JSON key in Tramlineโ€‹

Once you've properly setup things in both, Google Play Console and Google Cloud Console, all that is left to be done is upload the service account JSON key file into Tramline.

When you click Create after uploading the JSON key file, Tramline will verify that the integration is working correctly by checking for any releases or bundles with the bundle identifier that you would have specified while adding the app.